January 17, 2010

8 Christmas'

We had our last Christmas today so I thought it fitting that I posted some Christmas morning pictures. It was so fun this year because Jake was able to really understand and look forward to that morning. We had a great season with ALL of our family. We are so blessed to have such a big family.

We were settling in with snow falling outside.

Luke got into the spirit with a beautiful rendetion of Rudolph.

Jake and Luke spread the reindeer food they had prepared at school.

We made sure Santa had plenty of snacks for himself and the reindeer.

Jake took in all that Santa had left for them.

Luke jumped into action in his new firetruck tent.

Tony got a Texas Tech picture for his office.

Jake's first stop when he got downstairs was to examine the evidence.

Granny helped Luke dig into some Christmas pastries.

Of course, Jake wasn't up for food, but he was excited about his Thomas firestation.

We were so glad that Santa was able to get this huge playset all the way to Meme's house!

They are going to enjoy it for years.


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