March 05, 2007

It's tough being a parent

Look at that cute face, that smirk of a smile, that devilsh grin! Jake has finally gotten to the age and gained the mobility to do as he pleases. This has created several challenges thus far and I'm sure there will be many more to come in the near future. I draw your attention to exhibit A. This happens to be the 3rd discovery Jake has made in the bathroom. The first being how to open a drawer and pull EVERYTHING out and the 2nd being the discovery of water in the toilet. That's right Miranda. I caught him dipping his precious little baby hand in the toilet. Several clorox wipes later we decided that this door shall remained closed at all times. Notice again exhibit A. I left the door open and discovery number 3 was made.
On the same note we decided that after two weeks in our bed to due rotavirus it was time to transition Jake back into his own bed. WOW he's a stubborn little guy already. I'll walk you through our week:
Sunday- Jake screaming for 45 minutes, eventually tiring and passing out
Monday- Jake screaming for 3o minutes, eventually tiring and passing out
Tuesday- Jake screaming 10 mintues, crying 15 minutes, sleep
Wednesday- Jake crying for 15-20 minutes, sleep
Thursday- Jake crying for 15 minutes, sleep
Friday- we had company over so back to screaming for 10 minutes, crying for another 10
Saturday- Jake crying for 5 minutes
Sunday- Jake whimpering and then passing out
Monday- Jake layed down and immediately went to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just over 1 week of heartbreaking screaming and crying and he can now go to sleep in his own bed and sleep through the night. It's not easy doing what's best for your child, but it's amazing how it works out like everyone says it will if you just don't give in. We're growing, he's growing, who knows by child #2 we might actually know what we're doing.

Well we're moving on up, to the ??? side

We don't have a piece of the pie, but we have outgrown our lovely 2 bedroom home. We have no clue where we will go, but it's time to say Adios to our first home. If you know anyone that might be interested please send this along. I know, I know it's really clean in the pictures and it will be a true test of our marriage to see if I can go without killing Tony for dirting it up when there could, maybe a potential buyer coming by at a moments notice.