November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

November 20, 2008

Sorry, sorry, sorry

So that post titled "Help" was going to be a cute post with a video of Jake and Tony playing on the bed. You see, I asked Tony to "help" fold some clothes and I end up walking in on he and Jake wrestling on the bed instead.

Well, with a 7mth old and a 2 1/2 year old my blogging session was interrupted last night and I forgot to go back and finsh the post before I crashed in bed around 9:30.

So, thank you for the calls and comments. We're all fine here and have mounds of laundry to be done. I'll post more late :)

November 19, 2008


A New Cousin

Graham Winslow Baker was born on November 4th at about 10:30. He was 8.3lbs and cute as a bug. I swear he looked like Garren from day 1. Mom and Dad are great and of course learnng to adjust to his schedule. Hope you enjoy the pics....
Having a child that can help with #2..... genius!

Jake was very interested and already likes Graham a lot, but has already said "no" to taking him home with us.

Proud Meme....

November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween

It was a struggle getting Jake into his costume, but his Dad took him in the kitchen said who know's what and he came out happy and ready to go. I'll post new and better costume pic's ASAP (Trey and Neely had their camera). We had a great night of Trick or Treating and hanging out with family and friends.

New twist to Star Wars... Obie attempts to eat Chewy!

Luke got plenty of "OOhs, and Aahs" walking down Houston St.

Jake was amazed by all the costumes and candy give away.

Here's part of our group (Aunt Neely and Trey, Papa and Gradma Dale) we lost Gunit and the Baker crew but met up again with them later at the Halloween hangout.

Jake loved getting free candy!

These 2 boys have spent all 3 of their halloweens together. We've evolved from a pepper and Elvis, to a golfer and sick child, to a frog and Chewbaca.

Once the trick or treating was over the boys settled in to explore Beaux and Charlie's playroom.

It's cookie time!!!!!!

He was actually pretty good at this part.

Who knew you could have bowls, and bowls of icing?

A little sprinkle to finish the job off.

The finished product.... yum!

'Twas the night before Halloweeen, and all through the house Mommy was getting things ready as quite as a mouse.

Family pumpkin carving on the back porch. Tony and Nell had a good time. The boys lost interest after about 10 minutes and decided to just play in the backyard.

Here's a video of Jake trying on his costume the night before. You can see Chewy in action.