November 26, 2006


Here is a picture of Jake, he couldn't help but laugh at all the t.u. fans on Friday.

The Aggies completed their destiny of always being a team that has a mediocre season and one big upset each year. Mac Brown deserved to lose Friday because of a decision he made on the longhorns first drive of the game. t.u. was setup to either kick a 30-something yard field goal, or they could go for it on 4th down. Mac was so confident that the Aggies couldn't stop them and that he wouldn't need the points later anyways that he decided to go for it. He didn't make it and the Aggies went on to score on their first drive and to win the game. Ha! I do have to mention the late hit put on Colt in the 4th quarter. I was very saddened by this as it was not in the Aggie spirit. This somewhat tainted the win, but it's been so long that we'll let it slid and go ahead and take full bragging rights.

Chris, thanks for the call! I thought I was the only person in Kaufman county that didn't cheer for t.u.

November 12, 2006


In the two and a half years since we got married we have both shown tremendous restraint in our shopping habits. I think you really have to change when you get married because it's not "your" money anymore. You have to sometimes check with the other person. You have to consider all of the other millions of things that money could be spent on. Living in Ktown has also curtailed our shopping because we're just never in stores anymore. Well, we loaded up and drove to Mesquite on Friday night to pick up a few things for Jake. We should have had a game plan!

We started at Babies 'R' Us. We learned that it's really hard to have restraint when it's your child. We really felt like he "needed" all of the cute outfits, Santa hats, crazy socks, and picture frames we found. We also thought that on our way out we would just "stop by" the toy section to get some ideas for Christmas. At this point we decided we needed a cart. All the toys we "needed" would not pile up on top of the stroller as the clothes had. They still have some of the old toys that we played with as children and some really cool new ones. I mean, what six month old doesn't need a phonics ball that says the ABC's, makes the letter sounds, and plays a song for each letter. We had a small case of sticker shock at the register, but again we reasoned that he "needed" everything we picked up.

You would think that the story would end there, but no. After our breakfast at the waffle house on Saturday morning, I know Trey you're so proud, we decided to stop by the Gap outlet. At least their clothes were on sale!

I'm to warn out from washing, drying, folding, and finding room for all the new clothes to take pictures for the blog tonight, but I'll try to get some up this week.

November 06, 2006

For your viewing entertainment...Pictures of the Snake

For those of you who don't get to see Jake very often this is him in his true form. Amy, I hope you enjoy the pictures. We can't wait to see you!!

We LOVE bath time!!!!!

We don't get to see this much anymore, but here is a picture of Jake completly given in to sleep.

This is our cutie-patootie! He is attempting to talk, but as you can see he's not really sure how his lips/mouth work just yet.

November 05, 2006

We have wireless internet!!!!!

So my last posting was in March.... I'm usually not a quitter, but I couldn't stand having to go into our dark whole of a computer room that also doubles as a laundry room. We were given a wireless router about 3 months ago and I (yes, the person with the MIS degree) was unaware that my laptop did not have a wireless card. So, we finally broke down and spent the $30 on a card to plug into the laptop. I thought, sweet, we're up and running now. No, no. It took 1 hour on the phone with someone named "Tom" in India to finally get the router to talk to the computer.

We now have wireless internet. I must say that I had no idea the impact that this modern convenience would have on our marriage. I am constantly on the computer in the living room, kitchen or even in the bedroom. Tony has started taking the computer to bed every night to get in a few extra minutes of surfing before he passes out. I'm pretty sure we haven't spoken a complete sentence to each other since the wireless was fired up. We were forced to lay down some ground rules about how often, when, and where the wireless may be used. It seems to be working for the moment, but don't worry if the divorce papers are drawn up I will surely be able to inform you from my couch in minutes.

I'm hoping the new setup will allow me to post more often. I'm not promising a daily or even weekly post, but maybe I can commit to 1 per week. We'll see.