February 23, 2009

Minute Drill

Tonight was the last practice for my Upward basketball team. It's a great experience and opportunity to share the story of Christ with kids. That being said...

I opened the gym early tonight so that I could get a little work out in before the girls arrived. Well, let me just tell you how depressing that was. After 15 minutes of semi running and shooting I was weak and tired. It made me wonder how long it would take me to run a minute drill if I actually had the courage to do it.

I was, okay still am, obsessed with being first. I would have to "win" every minute drill even though it wasn't a race. It was punishment most of the time. It was 5 trips up and down the court in under a minute. It was never a problem in high school, but there were times that I would cut it close.

With that thought in mind I think I have to conclude that it would probably take me 2 1/2 minutes to do it and even with extended time it is still likely that I could have a heart attack and die.

I think I'm going to start running next week....