July 18, 2007

A Day at the Retirement Village

What a day! Jake was a smash hit as we went to visit his great-great grandmother in Greenville at her posh retirement village. When I say "posh" I mean that each resident has their own little mini apartment, the place looks and smells great, and the food is faboulus! They even play 42 and bingo here. Mama Kneggs is quit the 42 player so she is usually first to find a partner.

We arrived just before lunch so we had time to visit in Mama Kneggs' apartment before showing Jake off to the the whole place at lunch. He had a great time. After checking out all of her cabinets and her A/C unit, it was very similar to the type you would see in a hotel, it was off to lunch. The residents here that need walkers all have these really cool colorful one's that include a little bench seat. They were all thrilled to have Jake pushing their walkers around and they really wanted him to take a ride.

We enjoyed a delicous lunch which Jake even ate and then watched him as he went from table to table entertaining everyone in the room. There was a phone on the wall that would ring occassionally and interrupt his act as he had to go and see who it was for. After lunch we were beat and had to start back home, but Mama Kneggs really enjoyed our suprise visit and we both can't wait to go back.

July 15, 2007


There is no picture for this post because I look like a deformed chipmunk. I only had to have 1 wisdom tooth removed so I don't have the balanced look that most people achieve after surgery. The one side is way out there however because as the doctor stated "I had to get into the bone a little bit." Also, pain pills stink. They made me really sick and I have a moderately high tolerance for pain and have decided I'm way better off without them. Thanks to Tony, Mom, Ray, and Vickie for taking care of me this weekend. Hopefully the swelling will be gone before the wedding on Friday :)


Well, let's just say I have not found my next favorite hobby. I think I could really get into sewing if the machine wasn't so complicated. I kept forgetting to put the presser foot down. I'm serious I did it 6 times in a row. The teacher was really nice and kept fixing it for me, but I think my need to do things in a hurry got the best of me. Miranda was a natural at it and of course took her time and did everything right. I was glad I was there to provide some comic relief and that I left with a cute gift bag that I eventually created. I'm going to buy some easy patterns and cheap fabric to experiment with. We'll see if anything comes of it. For now I guess Granny and Teresa will have to keep up their work as my seamstresses.

July 06, 2007


Jake's palate is really starting to resemble Laura's at this point. Some of his favorite foods to date are: french fries, ham, cheese, and now.....

I have kind of been at a loss for breakfast foods so I tried powdered donuts today, and scored!! Dont' worry that's not coffee in his cup it's apple juice. I ran out of sippy cups, but at least he gets to support his school this way.

I know this is turning into Jake's blog, but that's pretty much what my summer is about. Look for a posting about my 1st sewing class next week and getting a wisdom tooth removed!!! If that sounds like too much excitement for you then check back the next week when I'll be heading to Houston for a wedding.