February 25, 2007


Wedding season is officially upon us. I usually say this with dread in my voice, but this spring we are lucky enough to be in the wedding party for two of our very good friends. There is a big difference in going to the wedding of an aquatance and going to a wedding for someone you truly care about. Tony and I are honored to be in Elizabeths wedding in March and Greg's wedding in April. I think we are especially honored and touched that they asked us to be in their weddings becuase they both had a huge list of people to choose from to be in their weddings and they asked us. So, babysitters get ready. Let the showers, parties, and shopping begin. On that note... here is a really cool picture from Amy's wedding last July and my cousin Taylor's wedding last August. Again, two occasions that we wouldn't have missed for the world.

Amy was married in a beautiful chapel in San Antonio, Tx to her wonderful husband Will. It was really only sprinkling outside, but it made for a cute picture.

Taylor was married to her wonderful husband Clint on the same day our Grandparents married over 50 years ago.

Jake is so blessed to have 3 great-great grandmothers. In the photo are my father's parents and both of their mothers. These women are so significant to the religious pulse that runs through our family. They have left a legacy for Jake that will outlive us all.

New pictures of Senor Snake

Baby Snake is now 9 months old and officially spoiled rotten! He has been sick and we have been traveling so he has had the luxury of sleeping in our bed over the past two weeks. Who knew we were creating a monster. I had to let him cry for 30 minutes tonight to get him to go to sleep in his crib. Just look at that face and tell me that you wouldn't spoil him rotten too. Just kidding, we're working on it.

February 04, 2007

Whoop #2

Did anyone happen to catch the #6 KState vs. #8 A&M game? It was amazing. We beat KState for the first time in school history, in their house, in the last minute of the game! My new hero is officially Billy Gillespie. There are still 5 weeks left in confernece play so you can expect recurring tid-bits about our dear Aggies. By the way, I think Chris is officially on the A&M bandwagon. There was a mention of OU in our conversation, but I would like to think that I blacked out for a minute and didn't actually hear him say that. Gig'Em Ags!!