January 21, 2008


Over the weekend someone posed the question of why Easter changes so drastically from year to year. Seth thought that it probably coincided with the end of Lint. This made perfect sense. I added that maybe Pentacost is set by something weird and that makes lint start and that's what throws Easter off. (If you are reading and become offended by our lack of knowledge on the subject please cease and desist).

This leads me to tonight when I called Seth to check on Miranda (she's doing great by the way, she's even walked the hallway at the hospital already!) Seth said that he hadn't had a chance to do full research but was sure that Pentacost didn't set Easter. So, I googled and here's the crazy answer:

Western Christianity uses the Gregorian calendar which is very similar to a Hebrew calendar to set the date of Easter. It takes into account the date of the Paschall full moon which was set by ancient tablets (325AD) and don't actually coiniside with full moons. As a result Easter can vary between March 22nd to April 25. That short and sweet explanation comes as a result of reading a small essay about the history of this date. It still doesn't make a lot of sense, but at least I know that it was indeed a difficult answer and therefore I don't feel quit as ashamed to admit that I did not know what rule, date, or law set Easter.

January 20, 2008

Party Animals

We were up until 12:30 Friday night!! It's been a long time since that has happened. What was the motivation? We were rearranging our living room. This activity started with dinner with my Mom and Ray. They came back to the house after dinner so that Ray could help Tony figure out how to build a corner tv cabinet for our new tv. While they were drawing, discussing, and being kind of boring Mom and I started making small changes. We moved a desk here, a side table there. Then we would casually ask them to move a couch every once in a while.

Before we knew it we had discovered a way to use the hutch we already own as the tv console. We also finally found the best way to arrange furniture in this long space. It was probably only about 10 at this point, but now Tony and Ray had to turn the hutch into a tv console. Drills were brought out and even a little vacuuming was done. Finally at 12:20 we were satisfied, messy, and tired. The living room won't be complete until we get a new sofa and loveseat, which will hopefully happen in the next month or two. I'll post some pictures when we're finished!