June 30, 2008

A Tale of Two Brothers: Part II

I'm not sure who either boy looks like at this point. I just know they are both wonderful and adorable. Here's a similar shot for comparison.

Luke at 2 months

Jake at 2 months

June 27, 2008


Our weekly copy of the Kaufman Herald arrived yesterday and I couldn't help feeling amused when I saw an advertisment created by the economic development committee. I really am grateful for their efforts in trying to attract new business and families to our fair town, but I think they might be stretching the facts a little with this advertisment. I'll list the items that were in the ad:

- Best School System in the County (?- Forney, Crandall???)
- State of the Art Business Park (?- Yes, with 1 building in it)
- Lake Ray Hubbard to the Northwest (?-I googled, It's 46.8 miles away)
- Cedar Creek to the Southest (I'll give them that one)
- Turn of the Century Town Square (not sure what that means but ours needs TLC)
- Largest Hospital in County (true!)
- Surronded by Golf Courses (None of which are actually in Kaufman)
- Home of TVCC Nursing College (true!)

Again, love this town and plan on staying. I'll try to come up with some ideas that are a little more realistic and post them soon.

June 25, 2008


Here are some updated pic's of baby Luke. He is cooing and laughing now!


This is Lukes' great-great Grandmother Helen Webb. We are so blessed. Jake and Luke have 3 great-great grandmothers.

Lightning Bugs

Summer is officially here. We have lightning bugs all over our yard at night. It is such a gift to get to watch Jake squeal every time he sees one. Of course, Tony runs around too trying to catch them. Here are some summer fun pictures.

June 18, 2008

Birthday Month

Jake's birthday month continued with a celebration at Tony's Mom's and presents at our house. Vickie has given us a lot to live up to by making Jake's first car a caddy. He absolutely loves it. Just drive by on a Saturday morning and you'll see him cruising down our side street.

He's changing stations. It has a real FM radio. He loves to rock out to the bone.

Also, notice he hair cut? We got a little crazy with the clippers on Saturday morning. I cried a little and now he looks like a 4 year old. Yikes!

June 07, 2008


We had a wonderful trip to Memphis last weekend for my cousins wedding. We had a little bit of a rocky start by way of some car trouble near Texarkana, but once we had our rental we were back on the road.

Thank goodness Carl (a very skilled mechanic) and Ray were with me and the boys when this happened. Also, probably a plus that I wasn't driving when the wheel almost fell off.

We arrived pretty late in Memphis and headed straight over to the Waffle House where Jake and Carl had a chocolate milk drinking contest.

I'm hopeing that from this picture you can try to understand the magnitude of this church. I'm pretty sure it was a just a tad bit smaller than Town East mall. WOW

We had to take this opportunity to have a family picture taken.

Their wedding was beautiful. The pastor shared comments that they had written about each other such as the qualities they liked in that person. It was a very personal ceremony and touching.

We ate at BB Kings on Beale St that night. We had a live band playing as we chowed down on yummy Memphis BBQ. Really, I had no idea how good it was.

Jake helped us check out by driving the valet cart to EVERYONE's rooms.

We stopped at a Cracker Barrell on the way home and had a great time stretching our legs....

Aunt Laura bought Jake a "claw". He enjoyed it but I'm pretty sure that Tony, Trey, Ray, and Carl had a better time with it.