April 14, 2009

Almost There

This is the time of the year that makes it all worth while. My kids are all reading, writing, and best of all THINKING! I am amazed at how far they have come. Here's little snipit of a conversation we were having today about matter.

Mrs: "Okay class, would sand be a solid or a liquid?"

Class: "SOLID"..."LIQUID"..."SOLID"..."LIQUID"

Mrs: "Please tell me why you think it's solid or liquid."

Student 1: "It's a liquid because you can pour it"

Mrs: "Next"

Student 2: "Well, if you look at it, like, uh, at a microscopic level it keeps its shape so it has to be a solid."

Mrs: "Wow, you are exactly right."

April 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Luke!

I know it's a few days away, but here's the montage of his first year. Pause the music player at the bottom of my blog and then hit play... enjoy.