August 22, 2008


Observations this August....

1. Rain- When was the last time we had this much rain in August? We actually have mushrooms growing in our front yard.

2. Daycare- It should be considered a four-letter word.

3. School- Thank goodness my husband knows how stressful the start of school is EVERY year. He's been really helpful!

4. College Football- It's almost here!

August 17, 2008


We went on a family vaca this week to Galveston. It was a semi family reunion as our Houston crew joined us over the weekend. It was great to relax, play cards, and enjoy each others company. We even celebrated 2 birthdays, Reagan turned 2 and Janell... well she had a birthday too.

Luke the beach bum....

Jake loved the waves but hated the taste of the water.

Mommy and Luke got all dressed up to go to dinner.

We stayed on Crystal Beach so we took the ferry over to Galveston to go to dinner and to get to our beach house. Jake thought the boat was awesome!

Apparently the boys were dolphin watching while we were taking this picture.

Here's the entire crew. Yes, it was very kid friendly and I think they all had a good time.

August 06, 2008

Mrs. Kneggs

There's a new Mrs. Kneggs.....

My brother married Neely this weekend in a beautiful ceremony at the Victorian House. I'm so happy and lucky to have such a wonderful sister-in-law! It was such a fun weekend. We had an awesome dinner at FourWinds Friday night, all the guys came and ate hot dogs at our house Saturday and then we had a blast at the wedding. Here are a few pics. It was so fun to hang out with Trey's friends who were all like my big brothers in high school and college. It was like we hadn't missed a beat. I'll add more pictures as I get them.

This was the biggest Aggie crowd I've seen at a wedding. Not pictured below is Garren who was waving his longhorn symbol and Tony who was giving guns up.

Me and Dad dancing the night away. I hear Southern Junction calling our name.

Goodbye to the bride and groom. Have fun in Alaska.

August 04, 2008


My grandmother(the same woman that just learned how to turn the computer on a few years back) gave me a hard time about not updating the blog so.... behold new pictures and features.

Turn up your volume to enjoy some of our favorite tunes!

Busy, Busy Summer

More pictures from Memphis (rooftop view of The Peabody Hotel)

A growing boy needs his sleep...

More swimming and he learned how to "cheese"

We met my college roommate Amy, her sister Alicia, her highschool friend Erica and Amy's new niece Hannah for lunch in Dallas.

Jake enjoyed showing off for the girls.

Hannah was born just 1 week before Luke. They enjoyed babbaling at eachother.

Jake even had a playdate with his friend Connor at the house.

Jake has figured out how to doctor his own booboo's. The bandaids don't last long but they seem to take the pain away.

I spent last weekend in Austin at Jessica's bachelorette party. I have a whole montage of pictures of the 4 of us spanning almost 10 years. I'll share those when her wedding gets closer. Tony spent that weekend working like a slave at his mom's house on her flagstone patio which I am beginning to think is never going to be finished.